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Why Homeschoolers Worm Watch?

WormWatcher homeschool


The whole family can use for all year for education and gardening!
The WormWatcher
the only clear, indoor, year-round composter.

Did you know that one family of four produces 2000 lbs. of garbage each year? Every gardener knows the key to a great garden and plentiful yield is to start with healthy soil. In addition using the WormWatcher for science, you can make over $900 in organic gardening products without going to a store.

For less than $1 a day, you can discuss these educational topics:

  • Life Cycles
  • Watershed Pollution
  • Organ Systems
  • Habitat and Needs
  • Behavior
  • Movement
  • Energy Cycles
  • Food Conversion
  • Food Web
  • Nutrient Recycling
  • Waste Reduction
  • Land Use
  • Earth Science
  • Urban Gardening

Talk about Sustainable Living!

Great for multi-age group lessons

Our homeschooling kits come with an activity book full of hundreds of learning sheets. Easy to connect to math, writing and more


Worms are fascinating (Sometimes a topic brought up during dinner).


They are the easiest pet you will have.

  • No pet sitters.
  • No regular meals.

See our 60-day product satisfaction guarantee and educational email service.

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