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What Students Are Saying
worm watcher

Various 6th Graders, Gildersleeve Middle School, Newport News

"I think that the WormWatcher is cool, but can be gross. It is cool because we are helping worms grow. It’s gross because worms just look really weird when they move. I wouldn’t want to take care of worms because I don’t like worms. The WormWatcher is a cool thing though!"

"I actually liked the WormWatcher, even though I extremely het worms! I enjoyed observing the worms to see the changes, and what happens, many things happened you naturally wouldn’t see."

"The WormWatcher at first I was like what? Worms? Ewww! Until I found out what that they were eating he decaying food in it. Sooo cool!"

"The WormWatcher is cool, because you can get close to the worms but not scare them. Also, it is curious that the worms eat all compos and turn it into soil."


"When the worms came into the classroom, I thought this was very disgusting. They were dirty, squirmy, nasty, and very slimy. I did not want them in the classroom because I thought there was no point for them to stay in our class. But eventually, they got very interesting. Now I think that they have a purpose for staying here. I also see baby worms to make me more interested. "

"The WORM watcher? First assumption, NASTY! I got used to it though, and then I asked [my teacher] what it was for. She told me about the "tea", it makes. This tea isn’t one you’d want to drink it’s for non-toxic fertilizer. Pretty cool, if I may say. I have one last thing to say. The worms kept getting in between the glass, if this happens to you do NOT panic! They eventually make their way back to the soil. It’s really fun if you don’t mind the worms themselves."

MY favorite by a girl:

"I used to love worms, and then I turned eleven…"

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