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Worm Raisers

The WormWatcher is an ideal product for the person that needs an ample supply of worms. The active fisherman, wildlife rescuers or any one who is interested in knowing the power of the WORM (the Red Wiggler) you need not go any farther than the WormWatcher.

Use worms for:

  • Bait for fishing
  • Food for rescued wildlife
  • Food for pets/aquaria
  • Way to make money if you are a bait store!
worm raisers

The WormWatcher is a great ideal hatchery for the red wiggler. With a life span of approximately 500 days and reproducing after eight weeks of maturity, these red wigglers can double their population approximately ever ninety days.

1000 breeder worms can turn into 16,000 worms at value of over $5000 (if bought from typical fish bait store.)

And here is an interesting point to make: We at are here to help make this come true. We support your understanding of the WormWatcher with newsletters, and educational information email to support a productive habitat for the red wigglers.

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