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Our Business Story

The WormWatcher® is the brainchild of an educator, Gina Ridgway-Bundy and her husband Richard Bundy. As they began testing their idea, Rich approached a local worm farmer, Ron Crum, who shared his excitement about "worm tea" and vermicomposting. She created the WormWatcher®, the premier natural product to spark a child’s natural curiosity and interest in science while addressing our lack of thinking about "trash." Her company was founded "Biome in a Box®"

early worm watcher model

We tested many ideas, including incorporating soda bottles into the top. Thankfully, our prototype manufacturer, NorVA Plastics in Norfolk, VA, supported developing our innovation.

We tested our product and refined our business direction by offering email reminders to encourage customers as they start their composting journey.

worm watcher office

After a year of market testing and product development, Virginia Industrial Plastics was chosen an American manufacturer to create the next generation of the WormWatcher® for national distribution. We are quickly realizing we have many customers, ranging from formal educators, environmental educators, worm raisers, homeschoolers, and organic gardeners.

Office picture has 19 bins that often holds up to 25,000 worms at a time.

worm watcher officeTo make composting easier for all, we provide email reminders and tips every two weeks with our kits. For educators, we have books, activities and our kits also contain a free sample lesson plan by the National Science Teachers Association® to inspire everyone to talk about earthworms in all types of subjects. It has never been easier to be green.

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