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Our joy is to encourage green thinking and support educators with high-quality products. Get to know us and our story. As innovators, we have needed to learn how to patent, how to develop our product, manufacture in the US, and build innovative partnerships. As an example, we work with Edible Arrangements and Starbucks to feed our worms.

Traveling around the country, we hear first hand stories about communities struggling with education and trash and we are excited to share what we learn with you through our newsletter only published only three times a year. With that being said, investing partners are always welcome!

We want to make a difference. Of course, consider becoming a worm patron and sponsoring a WormWatcher - purchase a gift certificate for your favorite teacher, Boys and Girls Club, After-school program (Garden Club, Green Club) or wildlife rescuer (who spends at least $200 to purchase worms for rescued birds. With school budget cuts, there is never a better time to make a direct contribution to a classroom. A portion of our profits will be set aside to support teachers, either through donating equipment or sponsoring them for a professional development experience.

Aside from our products, we provide:

  • Professional development workshops
  • School presentations, and
  • Demonstrations at eco-friendly events.

We love to share stories about many things:

  • Origins of Earth Day,
  • Current trash issues,
  • Details on the soil food web
  • Inventing/innovating
  • Science (STEM) connections and more.

We offer FREE workshops for teachers to accompany large orders, call us for details.

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