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Worm Castings/Black Gold – About and How
worm castings

Worm Castings, known to organic gardeners as black gold, is a great soil condition. Some also call it: vermicast or worm poop. Mix it with what dirt you have to aid in creating healthy soil. The nutrient content varies with what you compost. Rest assured that you never have to waste your organic scraps again. Compared to soil without earthworms, worm castings contain:

  • 10 X more Potash
  • 5 X more Nitrogen
  • 7 X more Phosphate
  • 15 X more Calcium
  • 4.5 X more Magnesium

Use worm castings as:

  • Potting soil (mix 10-15% castings into regular soil - recommended by the Extension Service)
  • Fertilizer for starting seeds - sprinkle lightly in seed beds or seed pots
  • Fertilizer for transplanting plants - put small amounts in planting hole
  • Top dressing around garden plants (1/4 inch layer)
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