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* Process over 100 pounds of scraps each year

* Create over 50 pounds of organic soil



We guide you through the process

for 10 weeks to guarantee your success.  



1. Our affordable Do-It-Yourself Kits

2. Our clear, lockable WormWatcher
(Made in the USA!)             



Watch these Video and Unscripted Testimonials.  



Discover the simple technique and joy of WormWatching!

  • A year-round indoor, odorless composter where you can see fast results in days to weeks
  • A complete organic system that produces lots of FREE natural fertilizer and healthy soil
    for your garden
  • An education so one can master composting and spread green habits to others
  • An observational platform with see-through sides that encourages participation and hands-on science
  • A low-maintenance vermicomposting approach that needs no tumbling or turning!

You are only 9 weeks away from creating your own "BLACK GOLD" or vermicast. Let us be your personal worm bin coaches.

 Here is one way of setting up an experiment - What do the worms prefer -  200 ml of gummy worms or watermelon? The watermelon disappears in 3 days and everyone is amazed.

Let the worms do the work!save money and the earth
worm bin science
Designed and invented by a teacher for classroom use every week.
Serves as an attractive secure indoor worm bin for organic gardeners 
Developed with a worm farmer for rapid composting results.

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